Second Grade


Look (at the speaker)
Stay still.
We have a piggyback song for this skill. It is sung as an echo song to the tune of "Footprints" from the Wee Sing Dinosaurs tape.

Teacher: Listening, listening, are you really listening?
Are you looking right at me?

Students: Yes, we're looking right at you.

Teacher: Then you are listening.

Teacher: Listening, listening, are you really listening?
Are you staying very still?

Students: Yes, we're staying very still.

Teacher: Then you are listening.

Teacher: Listening, listening, are you really listening?
Are you thinking very hard?

Students: Yes, we're thinking very hard.

Teacher: Then you are listening.

Teacher: Listening, listening, are you really listening?
Are you doing all 3 things?

Students: Yes, we're doing all 3 things.

Teacher: Then you are listening

Use a friendly look.
Use a friendly voice.

Song is to the tune of "Put on a Happy Face"
Nice Talk
When you are using nice talk,
Put on a friendly face.
When you are using nice talk,
You brighten up the place.
So, spread nice talk, all over the school,
And make it your golden rule,
Just use your manners,
Make it your golden rule,
Say please and thank you,
Make it your golden rule,
I really mean it,
Make it your golden rule
Boobidy, boobidy, boobidy boo - oh yeah!


Numbers and Equations
Make a Number Book
Play Dominoes

Math stories:
Using tiny toys and back ground scenes, make math stories. eg: It was a busy day at the airport today. 3 airplanes landed at the airport and 3 more landed after, there were 6 airplanes all together at the airport...

Create equations for a certan number using manipulatives such as beans, keys, unifix cubes, etc. and have each child draw pictures of the various combinations. eg: for the number 7, 5 beans + 2 beans = 7 beans Stick some stickers on a piece of tag board and laminate. Ask children to circle the stickers into groups of ten using a washable marker. Then ask them to count by 10's then 1's to find the answer.

Bean Race:
This game can be played in small groups or in pairs. Students take turns rolling a die. Each time they roll it, they pick up the number of beans that corresponds to the number on the die. The first one to get 100 beans wins.

Shape Pictures: Cut out hundreds of shapes out construction paper and ask students to glue them onto another piece of paper to make a picture.

Make Geometric Solids:
Provide students with photocopies of the maps to geometric shapes.
Ask them to cut them out and glue the sides together to make solids.

Make Objects Out of Geometric Solids:
Have students make things out of all the geometric solids that they put together or beforehand, collect boxes, cans, etc. for them to use.

Make Pattern Necklaces and Bracelets out of Fruit Loops

Weight Centre:
Have a variety of scales and ask students to try weighing things from the classroom. Fold a piece of paper in half and on one side draw an object on the other side draw something that ended up being lighter.

Rice Centre:
Have a variety of jars and a large container of rice. Allow students to explore the volumes of the different jars.

Measuring With String:
Have pieces of string that are a wide variety of length. Allow students to find things around the classroom that are longer, shorter, the same size as the pieces of string.

Reading a Thermometer:
Provide some thermometers as well as bowls of water that are of different temperatures. Ask students to record the temperature of each of the bowls.


1 ruler for each student 6 toothpicks per student

Method Ask students to get into pairs and hand out materials. (1 ruler per student, 2 dice per pair, and 6 toothpicks per student)

Students then choose six numbers on their ruler and place their toothpicks on each of the numbers.

Students take turns rolling the dice, adding the two numbers that they roll, and removing the toothpicks that correspond to the answers.

The first student with with their toothpicks all gone is the winner.

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