First Grade

The sun comes up, the moon goes down,
By tick and tock a day goes round.
the days go dancing, one by one,
When seven pass, a week is done.
The moon is counting in the sky,
As week by week a month goes by.
Month by month the seasons swing,
Summer, autumn, winter, spring.
The moon comes up, the sun goes down,
And month by month a year goes round.

By Carol Diggory Shields

Days of Week/Months of the Year/Time Activities

Reading and Writing

I teach them to write what they hear. If they only know the first sound in "balloon" they write "b_____" with a line after it to show they know there is more. Or "b____n" if they know the beginning and ending.

Later, I teach kids to draw little lines for every sound they hear. b-e-d would need three lines. th-i-n would also need three because "th" makes one sound. Then they just fill in the blanks.


"Have A Go" sheet is divided into three columns.
Your Try
Write the word again correctly
[It can even have four columns with the child having two tries at the word.]

Only after s/he has tried the word on his/her own can a teacher
be asked the word. In the beginning I also put a limit on
how many "Have A Go" words the children should do in any one writing period.

"Write a long story": Precut lengths of adding machine tape for writing on.


Give child eight letters,usually only 1 vowel. Cut apart the eight letters. (I copy them on 1 page and run them off), then we manipulate the letters to make words. Then the child writes 4 words down on their paper, and reads it to me. Later, I give them sentences that they cut up and have to put back together, choose 1 to write down,and read to me. This one is great for capital letters and punctuation.


Each week we have new words that we cut and review. We place these in our word wallet (a business envelope will work) to make silly sentences later in the week.

Word Wallet Words

Reading Worksheets

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